Once you have built up the sales channels in China, you need set up sales target for the partners, have regular meetings, provide sales and product trainings, and read and understand reports from them. It is always a challenge for your Chinese partners to understand what you expect them to achieve, and hard for you to understand what they have done from both language and culture prospects.  ​​

WIth many year's experiences in China sports market, we can help you to develop a business strategy which includes goals, market analysis, partner profile, action plan and resource needed. Our sports network in China allows us to check if your partner in China is reliable and trustful. We can design a customised partnership agreement for you and your partners in order to ensure the smooth work procedures between you and them.

We will have meeting with you on weekly or monthly based to provide you the update of the work done by your partners, and the issues they have, the suggested solutions as well as next steps. We can also help you to manage quotation check, discount check and payment check. We also can make random calls to the end user of your product and check with them for feedback.

We also provide customised services based on your special requirements.

Talk to us today, do not leave the opportunities to tomorrow.


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