SPORTS2US has provided world class exhibition solutions to Australia sports businesses which wish to exhibit products in China sports exhibitions but has limited accesses and resource to do so. We are sports exhibition expert and passionate about ensuring your exhibition in China a success, runs smoothly, effectively with least investment but most returns.

No need to worry about foreign language and culture, no need to worry about shortage of staff, no need to worry about international travels, no need to worry about money transferring or fraud, here at SPORTS2US, we are committed to bring you a worry-free business solution for your products showing in China sports market.

Our professional team work as your representatives in the exhibition. They understand your product and they are business acumen. Most important, they collect and filter prospects for you from data collected during the exhibitions.

Do not wait, contact us today and start your business from next exhibition.

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​Unlike in Australia, consumers in China cannot access to Facebook, Youtube, Google and many other social media. Digital marketing in China is unique and complicated. It is even difficult to open western website from China.
SPORTS2US provides professional solution for Australian sports companies to build their website in either English or Chinese and make sure your website is in GREEN in most China regions.
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There are 772 million internet users in China. Online marketing is an essential way to reach your potential cusotmers. SPORTS2US also helps Australia companies to create and manage their Wechat accounts.
​wechat Wechat is a powerful all-in-one social media and messaging app that is wildly popular among Chinese – both in China and in Australia. It can do much more than Facebook! Not only it can send message, publish image, videos, make video calls, transfer money, but also the “company account” allows company to deliver message to their target groups.

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How Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) works is completely different in China compared in Australia. Instead of using Google to search information, Chinese clients use Baidu, Sougou, 360 and Shenma etc. You cannot expect someone who knows Google SEO to optimise your website in Baidu SEO. SPORTS2US works with local companies and provides China SEO service to customers in Australia with affordable price.